Which Blow Dryer Brush is the Best? Our 2022 Picks!

A blow dryer brush (also known as a hot air brush) is a grooming tool that resembles a barrel brush similar to the one used by hairdressers when doing a blow out. The cool part is that when you combine a blow dryer and a barrel brush, you cut styling time in half!

When comparing blow dryer brushes online, it is easy to get confused and end up purchasing one that isn’t compatible with your hair type or styling needs. In this article, we have made your work easier by reviewing the best blow dryer brushes on the market. 


Why Should You Buy a Blow Dryer Brush?

  1. Convenience- One of the major reasons why you need a hot air brush is convenience. They allow you to style your hair when it is still wet saving time and effort since you don’t need to juggle a blow dryer in one hand and a barrel brush in the other.
  2. Versatile- Another benefit is that they are ideal for any type of hair. If you have damaged or thin hair, you can still groom it to perfection using a blow dryer brush. They also make short work of drying even the thickest and curliest hair.
  3. Affordable- Most blow dry brushes are very affordable but if you want to spend a bit more, you’ll be rewarded with additional durability and longevity.
  4. Multipurpose- Blow dry brushes can be used for various purposes from just drying your hair to straightening and even adding waves.

How Do Blow Dryer Brushes Work?

A blow dryer brush performs similarly to a hair dryer with the added benefit of bristles to separate the hair for faster drying and straightening.  

Choose your heat setting and power depending on your hair thickness (low for fine hair, medium or high for thick hair) and then glide the brush through your hair working in sections. You can go from damp to dry much faster than a standard hair dryer.

To curl the hair, wait until it is mostly dry and then turn the brush as you move it through a section. This should create lovely beachy waves. If you don’t intend to do this style, you may consider a paddle style brush which has the benefit of working more quickly on thick, curly hair.

Our Top Blow Dryer Brush Picks Compared

ProductProduct NameWhy We Love ItRating
REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air BrushBest for long, thick hair4.6/5
Gold N Hot Professional One Step Hair DryerEasy to use4.6/5
Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and StylerUnique paddle design cuts down on drying time4.5/5
L’ANGE HAIR Le Volume 2-in-1 Titanium Brush DryerOval barrel creates nice waves4.5/5
Drybar Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer BrushHigh quality – built to last4.5/5

REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

  • Sleeker and slimmer than version 1.0
  • Additional heat settings prevent unnecessary hair damage
  • Ceramic and titanium tourmaline keep heat application – even less damage!
  • Charcoal activated bristles keep hair feeling fresh
  • Made for 120 Volt USA outlets only so not ideal for international travel


5/5“It’s super easy to comb through my hair and rotate the brush at the same time! I also love the cooling option to prevent further hair damage.”
5/5“I have tried several dryer brushes over the years and have never found one that works as well as I think they should. I am very pleased with this one. I have A LOT of hair and it’s long. This dryer brush dries my hair evenly, keeps it smooth and silky, and adds just the right amount of curl. Nice gentle waves.”
1/5“Too big for my hair. Only people with really long hair can use properly.”

Gold N Hot Professional One Step Hair Dryer

Gold N Hot Professional One Step Hair Dryer
  • Ionic plus ceramic technology keeps hair smooth while round brush creates ample volume
  • Nylon pin and tufted bristles perfect for detangling
  • 3 heat and speed settings with cool option
  • Made for 120 Volt USA outlets only so not ideal for international travel


5/5“UMMM WOW! Don’t pay for another blow out. Buy this instead!”
5/5“This is by far the best blow dryer I have purchased. I have 3 girls with 4C hair who are all tender headed, with this dryer I was able to dry their hair with ease the handle is perfect it’s both left & right hand friendly and it get your hair dry in no time. It’s definitely worth every dime!”
4/5“Drying power could be a little better as it took several sweeps to get my hair fully dry”

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler

  • Large paddle design cuts down on styling time
  • Negative ions help with hair conditioning, smoothing, and shine while reducing frizz and static
  • 1100 watts of drying power, 2 heat and speed settings with a cool option
  • 6 ft swivel cord


5/5“Years of broken comb attachments, tired arms, tangled hair and frustration have come to an end…I love this thing! This was the most stress-free experience blow drying I’ve ever had. “
4/5“I generally don’t like using blow dryers because they are uncomfortable to hold. This was comfortable and dried quick. I used the low setting which was hot enough for me… My only wish is that the heat came out of the actual brush. It comes out at the top so it can be hard to get your roots dry without going over it a few times.”
5/5“This product saves me sooo much time and effort when blow drying my natural hair. It used to be such a hassle sectioning of tiny amounts of hair and trying to use a blow dryer and paddle brush. This cuts my blow dry time in half and saves me from shoulder/arm pain.”

L’ANGE HAIR Le Volume 2-in-1 Titanium Brush Dryer

  • Oval-shaped barrel provides 360° airflow
  • Titanium plates help keep hair smooth
  • Low and high settings tailored to different hair types
  • Cool setting for locking in styles


4/5“I like it, but I don’t love it. It does dry my hair while brushing, but the size of the brush is awkward for my small hands”
4/5“This works great! Tried it for the first time and love the results. Hair is smooth and shiny. I think with more practice I can work in a little curl. Heats up instantly. The cool setting is not really cool and a little awkward to use.”
5/5“Definitely worth spending the extra bit for the performance. I was skeptical while researching and thought to buy one that was almost half the cost. I am happy I didn’t… this one is so much better.”

Drybar Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush

  • Features ionic technology to seal the hair cuticle for less frizz and more shine
  • Vents provide max airflow for faster drying
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Oval shape creates volume
  • Cool, Medium, and High temperature settings for all hair types


5/5“Best hands down!!… It makes sense this is great since Drybar is such a popular hair dry salon! This has a comfortable grip and very very lightweight. I have carpal tunnel and this does not hurt it at all”
5/5“By far the best hair tool that I have ever purchased. I have long fine pin straight hair that I have always found impossible to blow dry. I am able to use this easily, my hair dries quickly, and it gives body and bounce like I got a salon blowout. Love it!”
3/5“…barrel is smaller then the Revlon and it does not get as hot. For many with thin non frizzy hair this would be perfect. I have very thick course hair that usually takes an hour to blow dry and straighten… I think this would be a great product for someone with thin fine hair looking to get volume but if you have thick course frizzy hair stick to the Revlon”

Final Words

If you are searching for a versatile device you can use for styling your hair, a hot air brush will be a good choice. These devices have the ability to perform various functions like drying, curling, straightening among others.

However, they do not function the same which means that you need to check the features found on different models when searching for the best. They are also easy to use and reliable.

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