How to Make Hair Grow Faster for Men: 16 Tips & Tricks

Healthy long hair is an asset. If you look good, you feel good. A natural boost to your confidence, who wouldn’t want that?

Hair cells are the body’s second-fastest-growing cells. They grow at an average rate of 0.5 inches a month. It is nearly impossible to dramatically increase this rate so, don’t fall for marketing gimmicks that say otherwise. Nor is it practical to make your hair grow much overnight.

What you can do is follow these 14 healthy habits to establish good hair that makes your hair healthy and resistant to breakage. This is the only secret. Remove the deterrents that slow down hair growth. Take care of your hair health and you will no longer have to obsess over how to make hair grow faster for men.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster for Men: 16 Tips & Tricks

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1. Eat Healthy Food

There’s a saying, “take care of the inside and your outside will take care of itself”.  

It’s a fact that a healthy balanced diet is key to healthy everything: body, hair, skin, nails, etc. The rest of the tips here won’t help if you’re not eating right. 

Hair is made of protein. You must have a protein-rich diet consisting of chicken, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes. Vitamin C is crucial to build healthy hair and provide your body with antioxidants.

Eat citrus fruits and sweet potatoes. You will also need to eat food rich in biotins like salmon, nuts, avocadoes, and oysters. Biotin coats the hair cells and enables them to grow fast. Don’t forget to include vegetables for they are a powerhouse of nutrients your body and hair need. Limit junk food and sugar. These have no nutritional value.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

How can the nutrients from your body reach your hair cells if there is no medium of transport? This means water. Drink a lot of water, at least 3 liters every day. Hair experts agree that healthy hair also starts with sufficient hydration.

3. Get Enough Sleep

When you sleep, your growth hormones become active and catalyze cell reproduction. Sleep at least 7-8 hours regularly. Otherwise, your hair will bear the brunt of your poor sleeping habits.

4. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trim your hair-ends once or twice a month. Your hair-ends are the most susceptible to breakage and form split ends. No matter how much your hair grows, if the split ends reach the hair shafts, your hair will still be prone to damage. 

5. Take Vitamin/Biotin Supplements

Consider taking these supplements if you are not getting enough from your diet. This is important if you consider how to make hair grow faster for men. 

6. Do a Hot Oil Hair Massage

Use a hot oil treatment (coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or even castor oil work great!) – traditionally known to make hair grow faster. 

Warm the oil for a few minutes and massage your hair with it for 5-10 minutes. Doing this nourishes the hair follicles with the oil and promotes hair growth.

7. Shampoo Less

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Washing your hair with shampoo every day strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils and sebum. Your hair becomes drier and more brittle, making way for easy damage. 

Try washing your hair every other day. Use the right shampoo that has no sulfates and detergents which make your hair too dry.

8. Condition, Condition, Condition

This is more important than shampoo. Conditioners hydrate your hair and replace the lost natural oils and sebum. This makes detangling easier, protects hair from split ends, and provides nutrients as well.

Use the right conditioners which contain no wax or silicon which damages your hair.

9. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Stress is dangerous to hair health. Too much stress releases cortisol which interferes with the hair growth cycle and reduces the growth rate. Do activities to take care of yourself like journaling, meditating, doing yoga, or any self-care activity. Keep close contact with your best friends. This is absolutely necessary when you think about how to make hair grow faster for men.

10. Massage Scalp Regularly

Stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp and provide your hair cells with the required growth nutrients. 

Massage your scalp at a time for 3 minutes twice a day. Make sure this is a consistent regime and not an occasional one. 

11. Brush Hair When Dry 

Wet hair after showering is very fragile. Avoid brushing at this time to prevent breakage. Either dry your hair gently with a towel or wait till it’s absolutely dry before brushing. Brushing once or twice every day is fine. 

12. Don’t Do Tight Hairstyles

Tight ponytails and buns are alright only once in a while. Otherwise, your hair can break easily and is risky when you think about how to make hair grow faster for men. Also, use hairbands made for hair and not rubber bands which can make your hair rough. 

13. Sleep on Silk or Satin

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase dries out your hair and makes it frizzy. The cotton fabric absorbs the hair moisture and rubs against the hair strands which are pulled out by the friction caused. Prevent all these by sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. 

14. Exercise Regularly

This is a component of a healthy lifestyle. It helps in managing stress, improving blood circulation, and releases toxins – all of which is necessary for healthy hair growth.

15. Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

Because while hot water is comfortable, it opens the hair shaft through which hair loses its moisture and dries out. Cold water closes those hair shafts, keeping the hair moisture inside where it belongs. 

16. Use Heat and Styling Tools Less

This one’s a no-brainer when thinking about how to make hair grow faster for men. Excessive heat damages hair health.

Final Words

With this guide on how to make hair grow faster for men, we have no doubt you’ll be able to pull off that hairdo soon enough! Remember that consistency and patience in your hair journey is critical to achieving the success you desire.

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