How to Blow Dry Curly Hair: Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you’re looking forward to getting a straight look into your naturally curly hair, flash drying or blow drying it is the best way to go. However, the process can be somewhat tedious and time-consuming if you don’t actually know what you are doing.

It can essentially end up being a mess that will damage your hair beyond repair if not done currently. So careful precautions are strongly advised.

How to Blow Dry Your Curly Hair: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Our step by step routine tutorial will show you how to blow dry your curly hair with an easy and simple technique. There’s an added trick, in the end, to show you how the hair-do can be made to last throughout the week for a longer period of time.

If you only wash your hair and apply heat to it once a week, you can rock that straight hair without any worries!

Starting off

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Before going to do absolutely anything, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly with fresh water and clean any excess dirt or oil that may be present. Then you start prepping your hair to keep it protected as much as possible from external heat that you will use.

A good idea is to use comb your curly hair with a good quality blow dry repair elixir. You really need to focus on the ends or tips and long sections of your hair because those parts face the most damage and potential breakage when blow drying.

Begin Behind the Ears

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You will need to isolate a small section of your hair just below your ear on one side and put the rest of your hair up with a hair pin. Then you start using your blow dryer to essentially apply heat to the isolated sections. To make sure the heat is distributed evenly, you can take help of a round brush with a combination of boar bristles and plastic bristles.

The boar bristles are good for pulling tension out of curly hair to give it a smooth texture. The plastic bristles are very good in combing through your hair to remove potential tangles or knots that may hinder your smooth appearance.

Hold it in a Little Hair Bun

After one section is completely straight and dry, you will need to twist it around into a little hair bun to put it out of your way when dealing with the rest of your hair. This trick will also help your hair hold that blow out effect for longer. The twisted hair cools down in that specific shape and holds the straight look easily.

Continuing with Longer Sections

Hold the blow dryer angled up and your round brush on top of it, you will have to alternatively roll your hair up towards your scalp and pull it down towards the tips while smoothing it with your blow dryer.

If you want a flipped out effect in your hair, holding the blow dryer on the bottom and round brush on top is a good idea. However, if you hold it the other way around with round brush on the bottom and blow dryer on top, you’ll achieve a curled under look. It’s an easier and better angle to pull on the brush and blow dry your hair simultaneously while holding it on top.

Dealing with Your Bangs

After you are done with all the sections and have pinned it all away if small buns, you’ll need to section out your bangs in the front if you have any. The technique this time is to blow dry your hair towards your face and not outwards, unlike the previous times.

This essentially helps add more volume to the front and crown of your head. As a result, you get that luminous but effortlessly flippy look on your bangs like Victoria’s Secret model!

Maintaining the Moisture

The trick in this case to retain natural moisture is not a magic manoeuvre, but a regular little routine. Every night before you go to bed or every day when you wake up, just take a little bit of organic jojoba oil on your hands and run that through your hair while focusing more on the lighter blonde sections of hair as well as the tips and ends.

These parts are typically the driest parts of the hair strands and at most risk of losing moisture when the heat is applied during blow drying. You’ll experience a lot less breakage if you follow this neat little trick to care for your hair every time you go out for the day.

Keeping it Up Throughout the Week

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A good deal of damage is done to your blow dried hair every night when you sleep. This can essentially ruin your hair-do and all the effort you put into keeping it straight will be in vain. You’ll wake up with sections of your hair all curled up once again when you wake up if you don’t take some active measures the night before.

A good trick is to brush all your hair up into a little ponytail on the crown of your head and tie it up into a top knot. While holding the base of your ponytail, tightly twist the entire mound of your hair until it forms kind of like a doughnut shape. Wrap the thick strand around itself and hold it down with an elastic band.

To even out the tiny layers that stick out after all this is done, you can pin them up with the rest of your hair for added security. Or you can just leave them be since they automatically return under your straight hair when you’ll put it down again.

Sleeping on a soft pillow with a silk pillowcase is also a good idea since it plays a big role in holding the shape of your hair. When you wake up in the morning, you can simply put your hair down from the bun and it’ll still have it’s blow out shape!

Wrapping it All Up…

Once everything is done and our hair is not in a hot mess anymore, you can just let your hair fall down and flip it around with your hands to set it where it naturally tends to go. The lovely feeling of touching freshly blown-out hair can be quite magical.

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